Online Festival Coming Up! Whooot!

Online Festival Coming Up! Whooot!

Happy to be playing at “Streampunk: A multi-continent online festival” on June 13!

It will be hosted by Electro Swing Thing on Twitch!

Find all info at the Facebook Event!

I’ll start at 9pm GMT/11pm CEST, and this is the full schedule:

10A PDT / 5P GMT / 7P CEST – Mr. Harvey Miller
Vienna, Austria

11A PDT / 6P GMT / 8P CEST – Tallulah Goodtimes
London, UK

12P PDT / 7P GMT / 9P CEST – Wolfgang Lohr
Berlin, Germany

1P PDT / 8P GMT / 10P CEST – Kumiho
San Francisco, United States

2P PDT / 9P GMT / 11P CEST – Justin Fidele
Berlin, Germany

3P PDT / 10P GMT / 12A CEST – Emma Clair
Manchester, UK

4P PDT / 11P GMT / 1A CEST – Duke Skellington
Los Angeles, United States

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